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Welcome to New York by Night

The war torn 'Big Apple' awaits!

Which side will you choose?

Will you align yourself with the Ivory Tower, the Sword of Caine, or perhaps Gaia pulls your heartstrings? Or might you decide to fight on the side of humanity and stay Mortal anyway?

Shall you garner favor, or earn eternal damnation?

The choice is yours, Fledgling. Choose wisely.


This site is for a Play by Post version of the OWoD 'New York by Night' setting. We are currently accepting characters for Vampires (Camarilla and Sabbat), Garou, and Mortals. See our Character Generation area of the forums for specific information on what clans/tribes/creeds are being accepted. We use the core Revised Editions of the rule sets with minor use of splat books to add flavor.

If you are looking for a Roleplay rich enviroment where player actions have a chance to determine the fate of one of the largest and most influential cities in the United States then please, look further and see if you too are willing to call The Big Apple your home.