1. How do you play a table top game without a tabletop?
    1. With the usage of PHPBB's message board system. Each seperate forum acts as a different area of the city.

  2. How do players roll dice?
    1. We roll dice electronically. Go to Dice Roller and check it out..

  3. How is XP awarded?
    1. At the end of each Game Day XP is sent via email. You get XP awarded based on Roleplaying, Content, and Background.
      1. Roleplay - Which is broken down into 3 sub-classes: Realism, Depth, and Personality. Have you reacted to situations as your CHARACTER would have? Are your posts vivid and real or broken down to their simplist form? Does your character actually act like the person described in your backstory?
      2. Content - How much does your character actually absorb from the game period? Did he silently follow everyone else's lead, or did he play an active part in getting to where you are?
      3. Background - In character generation, you write a background story. During the game, the ST's look to see if any aspects of the characters actions are a reflection of something from the character's background story. If so, XP is awarded.

  4. How many characters can I play?
    1. Each player can have up to 1 character per genre (Vampire, Werewolf, Mortal). So 3.

  5. How often does game time advance?
    1. Game time advances as fast as the players as a whole make it go. 1 game day could be 1 week or 1 month. It all depends on how regularly people post, how long people spend in conversations, special events (Elysium, a Moot, or whatever the Sabbat do.), and so on.

'Dos and Don'ts'